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Mobile Command

Command & Control. On the Go.

Mobile Command executes your inmate tracking, guard tour, and activity logging with lightning speed and precision. Scan, swipe, sync instantly to maximize your command and control — all in real-time — at the point of responsibility.


Secure, Cloud access to run your facility. Anywhere. 

Make informed, critical decisions from anywhere with real-time feeds, dashboards, reports, and more.


Command and control every movement with speed and precision.

OmniPresence © by GUARDIAN RFID is the real-time tracking platform to manage, monitor, and track inmates, staff, and visitors. OmniPresence delivers long-range, zone-based tracking support to command and control every movement with speed and precision.

Compliance Monitor

Monitor your team’s performance from anywhere, on any device, all in real-time.

Create, manage, and view your face-to-face and cell check observations with real-time guidance accessible from any device. Configure your max check frequencies based on location, inmate classification, and more. View performance from anywhere. Receive audible and visual warning notifications in real-time.

Medication Manager

Maximize your defensibility and inmate safety.

Create and manage your electronic medication orders from any device. Define administration times, medication allergies, dosage, frequencies, routes, and more. Update and discontinue existing orders.



Tactical mobility for corrections soldiers.

Capable. Rugged. Android-powered. SPARTAN is the most powerful tool in your data collection and evidence gathering arsenal. Battery life to support 12 hour shifts. Lightning fast 2.2 GHz Octa Core Processor. High-resolution imaging for digital evidence gathering.


Effective, affordable, and easy to deploy.

Nearfield Fixed readers that automatically identify inmates by RFID Wristband or RFID Card to confirm presence and location.

ForceField XD

Corrections Most Powerful Long-Range RFID Readers for Zone-based Inmate and Staff Tracking.

Create customizable zones and thresholds with ForceField XD long-range readers to monitor housing units, out of cell areas, and hallways or corridors. ForceField XD long-range readers deliver continuous area monitoring with always-on tracking. Patented auto-configuration technology optimizes reader and antenna sitting for its environment.

Inmate Identification

Hard Tags

Fast, Powerful, Data Collection Support.

Swift, point of responsibility, data collection to support a wide spectrum of reporting needs, from security rounds and meal offerings, to med calls, movements, razor passes, maintenance tasks, and more.

RFID Cards

Dual electronic and visual identification to manage, monitor, and track inmates 20x more effectively and efficiently.

RFID Cards from GUARDIAN RFID provide detention facilities fully automated inmate identification, tracking, and management capabilities. Compatible with GUARDIAN RFID ForceField fixed readers, RFID Cards support direct to card printing, including full-color or black and white.

RFID Wristband

Dual electronic and visual identification to manage, monitor, and track inmates 20x more effectively and efficiently.

GUARDIAN RFID is the exclusive distributor of Clincher RFID wristbands. Clincher RFID Wristbands are non-transferable and securely worn at all times. Clincher RFID wristbands are available in 9 different colors to provide maximum flexibility and security.

Operational Intelligence

Take Reporting to the Next Level with insights you never thought possible.

Data collection is the starting point, not the destination.

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