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Hard Tags

Identify, capture, and protect with GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags.

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Security Round Automation.

Point of responsibility security round automation in all housing unit areas (pods, dorms, cellblocks, living units, restraint chairs, tiers), out of cell locations, perimeters, and more.

Offender-level identification and data collection.

Auto-identify inmate(s) by name, booking number, and cell assignment wherever you deploy your Hard Tags by scanning with SPARTAN.

Tough and tamper-proof.

Bulletproof, tamperproof, and impossible to electronically manipulate. Hard Tags are also waterproof and built to survive in extreme temperatures.

Eliminate paper logging, forever.

Automate headcounts, meal passes, razor passes, movements, inmate activity logging, and more – instantly.


Hard Tags are commonly used as Cell Tags, Run Tags, and Pod Tags throughout a facility. We don’t want to limit you in their usage, so feel free to use them for anything from perimeter checks to key checks, or even fish feeding checks (yes that’s a thing - #fishlivesmatter).

Non-Hardwired and Flexible to Deploy.

No power supply necessary, and no batteries to replace. Quickly and securely deploy anywhere you need to confirm proof of presence during security rounds, cell checks, PREA checks, headcounts, razor passes, meal offerings, perimeter checks, preventative maintenance tasks, key control, and asset tracking.

Programmable to Meet Compliance Schedules.

Hard Tags can be programmed to be turned on/off during certain times of the day depending on your facility's compliance needs. Use the Compliance Monitor to verify checks are being done in certain areas at certain times. Track rounds on Cell Tags are being completed as needed while activating Run Tags during a specific time to make sure your rounds are meeting jail standards.

Hard Tags

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Sgt. Piper

This How-To video covers how and where to position your Hard Tags.