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Inmate tracking

movements and transports
Powerful inmate tracking.
Practical. Effective. Affordable.

Managing, monitoring, and tracking inmate movements that cut to the chase.

Just the facts.

Which inmate left and when? Where did they go? When did they arrive? When did they return? GUARDIAN RFID answers these questions with lightning-fast precision so that you know where every inmate is, right now and historically.

Retrieve Facts Quickly with OnDemand

Manage every type of movement.

Automate inmate worker movements to court transports, work release programs, programs attendance, recreation, and more -- for escorted and unescorted inmates.

Track movements as they happen

Mobility delivers speed and agility.

Use SPARTAN, our ultra-rugged, Android scanners running Mobile Command to log every small and large group movement from any location in real-time. Leverage keep separates and inmate restrictions from your jail management system with Mobile Command software.


Fixed readers support fully automated movements.

Deploy ForceField fixed readers to automatically identify and track inmate movements at common areas, such as court locations, recreation, kitchen, infirmary (medical), and more.

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Cloud-based reporting and dashboards manage every inmate, on any device.

Build Web-based reports that you can filter by inmate name, booking number, movement type (e.g. Court, Medical, Program, etc.) instantly. Export to common file formats. Set global passing times to confirm inmates arrive to their destination within a pre-set timeframe.

Our Reporting Rocks. Seriously, check it out.

Maximize compliance with corrections standards.

Know precisely when inmates had access to law library. See how much recreation time inmates had in seconds -- by week or month. Build detailed reports that show inmate's’ participation in various work details, access to medical services, and more.