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Command & Control. On the Go.

Your mission set is care, custody, and control. Arm your team with Mobile Command, the most powerful, easy to use platform in corrections to log cell checks, support your inmate tracking objectives, and digitally transform your operations. One mighty platform, packed onto a rugged android device.

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Execute your responsibilities faster than ever.

Intuitive, customizable touchscreen interface

Built on a 15-year heritage of detailed user experience (UX), our seventh generation of Mobile Command offers a powerful, simple, intuitive interface designed to build proficiency and lightning speed user adoption.

Secure login with optional multi-factor support

Issue NFC fobs, RFID cards, or usernames and passwords to your team members for secure login. To maximize CJIS compliance, enable optional multi-factor authentication.

Extend your jail management system

Mobile Command extends the capabilities of your jail management, offender management, and case management systems by syncing security critical data, including housing assignments, inmate demographics, mugshots, keep separates, and more.

Powerful imaging gallery

Offender appearances can change over time. Streamline your photo capture needs by taking new mugshots in Mobile Command.

Digital Video Evidence Gathering at the Point of Responsibility

Capture videos to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud for storage, sharing, and analysis. First-person, face-to-face videos capture sight and sound of hostile and non-compliant offenders, cell searches, cell extractions, and more.

RFID Wristband and RFID Card Activation

Activate new or replacement RFID Wristbands and RFID cards from Mobile Command.

Push Notifications Provide Real-time Awareness.

Customize your platform to push security critical notifications to end-users. From late or missed medications to security rounds, Mobile Command keeps your staff and its mission set aligned and aware in real-time.

Build Custom Modules with Workflows.

Your facility. Your needs. With Workflows, you can build and name your own modules, customize responses, add-on electronic signature capture support, and more.

Capture first-person video and images.

Collect first-person digital video and still image evidence with SPARTAN and Mobile Command software. With video, capture sight and sound from a first-person vantage point to record non-compliant and threatening inmate behaviors, cell extractions, and more. Securely sync your videos to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, and watch your video assets from the Video Dashboard. With still images, quickly log contraband during cell checks at the point of responsibility.

WordBlock™ Technology Helps you Log Observations, Movements, and Activities Instantly.

Our patented WordBlock technology enables your team to align its data collection efforts. Log clear, consistent data with speed and precision. Create and organize your WordBlocks to capture what you see inmates doing, where you’re taking them, what you give them, and more. And with Operational Intelligence, you can analyze WordBlock use in real-time to identify the most commonly used WordBlocks, WordBlocks that are frequently associated with other WordBlocks, WordBlocks frequently linked to one or more offenders, and more.

Use Talk-to-Text to Supplement your Logging Needs.

With embedded talk-to-text, use your voice to provide supplemental information during cell checks, incident reporting, and other situations where your narrative can provide details vital to you or your team’s compliance, defensibility, and accountability.

Capture data with power and precision.

Risk mitigation starts with good documentation. Capture every observation, interaction, and event at the point of responsibility.

Use GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags assigned to pods, cells, housing units, perimeters, restraint chairs, and more to auto-identify inmates and log activity details instantly.

Scan inmate RFID Wristbands and RFID cards to log movements, transports, program activities, razor passes, and more.

Maintain compliance and reduce inmate grievances.

Consistent processes and real-time data sharing helps develop a pattern and practice while giving pause to inmates watching staff capture data more aggressively than ever before.

Traditional guard tour is dead.

“Wands” and standalone guard tour systems are dead. Warriors need tools that integrate with an existing jail management system, support embedded video and imaging, sync critical assets to the Cloud, provides real-time analytics, triggers email and push notifications through configurable workflows, and more.Mobile Command centralizes your entire inmate management objectives while extending electronic identification to your offender population.

Real-time Security Alerts.

Have inmates that are restricted from going to recreation or receiving commissary? Are two or more inmates prohibited from being in the same vicinity? Sync your keep separates and inmate restrictions from your jail management system. Gain real-time notifications of any violations to deny movements or services, or override with supervisory privileges.

Fully automated, Cloud-based sync.

Connect SPARTAN to your Wi-Fi network to gain real-time connectivity and share mission-critical data automatically. Sync your security rounds, movements, headcounts, and more anywhere you’re wirelessly connected. Outside of Wi-Fi range? No problem. Your data stays in Mobile Command until you re-connect to Wi-Fi.

Manage, monitor, and track inmates in one unified system for your team.

Every minute. Every hour. Every shift.

Security Rounds

Lightning fast location-based security checks for proof of presence with SPARTAN and Mobile Command.

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Face-to-face Cell Checks

Log behaviors and inmate-specific observations at the point of responsibility.

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Inmate Identification

Extend RFID wristbands or RFID cards to your offender population to automate positive ID headcounts, inmate movements, court transports, work release programs, and more.

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Rugged Mobility

Automate your data collection and evidence gathering capabilities with the most powerful, rugged device in corrections.

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Compliance Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility with your security rounds compliance. Create, schedule, and view your compliance performance. Generate notifications for late checks and more.

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Cloud reporting

Securely access your Cloud reports from any device, anywhere powered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

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Conduct formal (positive ID headcounts) and informal headcounts throughout your facility to improve safety and security, including housing units, out of cell locations, and other configurable locations.

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Inmate Activity Logging

Create and manage your team’s capabilities to log razor passes, meals, law library, recreation, commissary, and more.

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JMS/OMS Integration

One-way and two-way integration support enables you to sync data between GUARDIAN RFID and your jail management system, including inmate demographics, housing assignments, mugshots, and more.

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Medication Administration

Create, manage, and administer your medication administration records with electronic signature support, pill count tracking, medication allergy identification, and more.

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Video Evidence

Capture, upload, and securely view unlimited video files to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud. Set permissions for chain of custody, retention schedules, and more.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

Create, view, and gain real-time insights with Operational Intelligence™, our diagnostic analytics.

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No substitute for RFID Technology.

Capture events, observations, movements, and more - faster, more durably, and more defensibly than barcodes, QR codes and iButton-based guard tour systems. Hard TagsRFID wristbands and RFID Cards extend your inmate management capabilities further by automating headcounts, programs attendance, court transports, work release programs, and more.

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