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Cell Checks and Guard Tour

The cell check solution for every facility. And every budget.

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Automate your security checks and cell checks with unrivaled power, speed, and precision.

Security rounds for swift, proof of presence.

Instantly scan your Hard Tags to log security checks in real-time with Mobile Command in dorms, perimeters, and minimum and medium classification housing units.

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Cell checks to log inmate-specific observations in seconds.

Log observations and interactions on any named inmate at anytime with WordBlocks, voice-to-text, or imaging. Collect key details in a variety of scenarios, including cell searches, high-risk observation logs, and more.

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Gain real-time security round performance insight.

View your staff’s security round performance by defining check times, locations, and monitor time remaining between rounds. Create audible and visual alerts, reminders, and email notifications.

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Interfacing with your jail management system for superior data collection and communication.

Capture data in GUARDIAN RFID auto-linked to inmates and their cell assignments. Sync mugshots, keep separates, restrictions, and more from your enterprise system.

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Quickly Log Inmate Observations, Interactions, and More at the Point of Contact.

Identify inmates wherever you deploy your GUARDIAN RFID® Hard Tags – ultra durable, non-hardwired wireless tags. Touchscreen log inmate observations, interactions, moods, behaviors, and much more quickly with our patented touchscreen WordBlocks™, while automatically associating every log entry with the inmate’s name, booking number, and permanent housing assignment. AutoSync security round data in real-time.

Validate staff presence.

Confirm proof-of-presence with GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags mounted to individual cells, walls, restraint chairs, and more. Every cell check and security check is associated with a staff member’s unique ID and name for accountability.

Weapon of mass data collection.

GUARDIAN RFID Cell Check technology supports fast, accurate, touchscreen logging to capture inmate moods, behaviors, interactions, and other observations with speed and precision. The embedded high-resolution camera in SPARTAN supports high quality imaging and video capture, as well as voice-to-text. There’s virtually no observation, incident, or event that can’t be logged by GUARDIAN RFID.

Real-time performance monitoring.

Create, manage, and monitor your staff’s security round performance (including cell checks and security checks) in real-time with GUARDIAN RFID® Compliance Monitor™. System-wide alerts and email notifications instantly communicate performance violations. Audible and visual alerts, as well as Web-based digital clocks easily help detention staff know when security rounds are due based on real-time performance.

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Make the switch.

GUARDIAN RFID is more powerful, more capable and more competent than guard tour. From powerful, configurable data collection tools to easy to use Cloud reporting, GUARDIAN RFID helps you command and control your guard tour responsibilities more effectively than ever before. Make the switch today.

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