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16 years of innovation all leads to this. Meet SPARTAN 3. The Official Device of Warriors.

One Team. One Mission.

Warrior-led. Forged by the fight. World-class technology built and deployed to support the care, custody, and control mission-set of America's Corrections Warriors.


Informal & Positive ID

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Cell Checks

Inmate-specific Logging

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Activity Logging

Real-time. No more paper.

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Track Movements

Single Inmate & Group

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Prevent and Combat COVID-19 and Contagious Diseases in Corrections

Watch our latest video with Anne Spaulding, MD, an infectious disease specialist, on how jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities can protect themselves.
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You don't sit in the Iron Throne Stroking Unicorns.

Log every cell check, track every inmate movement, and automate your activity logging — everywhere you are – with the speed and precision of a surgical strike. Access your data and real-time insights from the Cloud. Get diagnostic analytics and notifications to optimize staff performance and manage your inmates more effectively.

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