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Centralize your inmate identification, security rounds, and activity logging into one powerful platform to gain complete operational dominance.

Every minute. Every hour. Every shift.

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Ultra-Rugged Android
Ultra-Rugged Android

Meet SPARTAN, the purpose-built Android scanner from GUARDIAN RFID, running the 5th generation of Mobile Command software. Take care of business with lightning fast superiority, mission-critical tools and real-time intelligence.


Compact, lightweight design and an IP67 rating that protects it from water and dust.

13MP Autofocus Camera

Securely capture high-resolution images during cell checks and more with SPARTAN.

Ultra durable, Scratch-resistant.


Real-time, Cloud-based reporting, activity feeds, and insights. Anywhere, anytime. Any device.

Unlimited data storage

Including automated data backups and 24/7 access to your data, form any device.

Unlimited users

Create unlimited users with fully definable rights. Integration support with Microsoft Active Directory.

Hard Tag
Hard Tag

Bulletproof, non-hardwired Hard Tags identify inmates and verify proof of presence to automate security rounds, headcounts, meal offerings, and much more.


Non hard-wired


RFID Wristbands
RFID Wristbands

Secure, durable, auto-identification for movements, positive ID headcounts, medication passes, activity logging, programs attendance, and more.

Highly Water-Resistant

Tough, durable, long-lasting.


8 color choices for visual classification support.

Lightning Fast Logging

Automate movements, positive ID headcounts, meal passes, and more.

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