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See how detention facilities of all sizes throughout the U.S. use GUARDIAN RFID to manage + monitor + track inmates in custody more completely and effectively.


The Most Powerful Cell Check Technology in Corrections.

Automatic inmate identification. Completely touchscreen interface. Real-time data sharing. JMS Integration.  Dump paper logs, manual systems, and guard tour forever while maximizing your defensibility like never before.


Inmate Tracking Made Powerful, Simple, and Effective. (And 20x faster than barcode).

Manage, monitor, and track inmates in custody with GUARDIAN RFID, the only system that exclusively distributes Clincher RFID Wristbands from PDC.


Secure, Cloud-based Platform.

Get the information you’re looking for instantly, from anywhere, on any device, including tablets and smartphones with GUARDIAN RFID OnDemand, powered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.


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20x faster than barcode.
Exclusively through GUARDIAN RFID.


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Correctional RFID

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can help corrections professionals work faster, smarter, and more defensibly. When combined with deep correctional expertise and best practices, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities can achieve whole new levels of automation with real-time inmate management and monitoring capabilities. That’s why GUARDIAN RFID is the definitive leader in correctional RFID technologies; the only software exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association.
National Sheriffs' Association Endorsed

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