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Let our experts help you stay focused on your business, and lead your implementation effort from Kick-Off to Post-Deployment.


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Step by step how-to videos furthering your knowledge of the GUARDIAN RFID solution.

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On The Line with Anthony Gangi

Take a look at some of the current topics in Corrections today! Have an idea of something we should cover? Let us know!

On The Line Videos

Solution Briefings

Learn more about the GUARDIAN RFID solutions, and what these solutions do for correctional facilities all over the U.S.A.

Our Solutions In Action

Shift Briefings

Gain operational dominance with SHIFT BRIEFING, a YouTube series by GUARDIAN RFID, led by Sgt. Greg Piper, Senior Training Specialist. 

Shift Briefings

Why Guardian RFID?

Success Stories - Let our users tell you why.

From Kick-off to hard tag mapping, and on-site trailing to job shadowing. We're here for you!

It's go time.

You’ve investigated. You’ve planned. You’ve chosen. Now it’s time to implement. Let our experts help you stay focused on your business, and lead your implementation effort from Kick-Off to Post-Deployment.   


Answers to Five Commonly Asked Implementation Questions

  1. What’s the implementation process like?

  2. How long will implementation take?

  3. Do you install the wireless network?

  4. What hardware does GUARDIAN RFID install on-site?

  5. Who customizes our deployment of GUARDIAN RFID?

    NOTE: Since GUARDIAN RFID uses a secure, private Cloud, there are no servers to install or support. And because GUARDIAN RFID is a Web-based application, there’s no software to install. You only need a Web browser and high-speed Internet connection. We recommend Google Chrome. We also suggest FireFox and Safari, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 10.0+.

Training Services

Deep industry knowledge combined with experienced advisory and training resources.

Build proficiency and confidence early and often with help from our corrections experts. Expert training services are designed to build the instant proficiency and confidence you expect to make the most of your decision to deploy GUARDIAN RFID.


Pre-Training meetings help form a foundational understanding of how your agency will deploy and use GUARDIAN RFID. We extensively cover a number of questions pertaining to your policies and procedures, as well as goals and expectations. Pre-Training meetings are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to implementation and Go-Live and last around 60-75 minutes.

On-Site Hands-On Training

GUARDIAN RFID On-site training is a series of four-hour classes accommodating all shifts.

On-site hands-on training classes are highly interactive led by trainers with nearly 15 years of corrections experience who help attendees to use every part of the GUARDIAN RFID system with hands-on guidance.

Following the classroom-style training, we go-live. Our team shadows your staff to help attendees suse every part of the GUARDIAN RFID system with hands-on guidance, and are there to help answer any questions regarding function or pertaining to policy and procedure. 

Meet Senior Trainer, Sgt. Greg Piper

With 15 years in corrections, he knows his stuff. He knows Guardian RFID like the back of his hand and knows what you go through day in and day out. His passion for corrections is deep, and you can bet this on-site training and go-live shadowing will be unlike anything you've ever had before. There's no holding this guy back and he's quite the've been warned.

Technical Support

Your success is ours. How can we help you?

> GUARDIAN RFID delivers world-class technical support by phone, email, or online. When you need our assistance, we’re more than happy to help you

Contact Support

  • Via OnDemand:
    To create a new support case, login to GUARDIAN RFID OnDemand. Go to Help > Submit a Case.

  • By Email:
    Email GUARDIAN RFID Support Services at

  • By Phone:
    Call us toll-free at (866) 382-6339, option 2.

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GUARDIAN RFID wants to maximize your success by providing a solution that accomplishes your mission set.