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Clear your headcounts 20x faster and more accurately with GUARDIAN RFID.

Automate your formal and informal headcounts with blazing precision and accuracy.

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For Jail Administrators and Wardens.

Get reporting on headcount performance in real-time and historically on any device, powered by corrections’ most powerful mobility and inmate identification solutions.

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For Supervisors.

Manage, monitor, and track staff headcount performance in housing and non-housing unit areas. Watch real-time headcount activities. Measure time to completion instantly, and see where bottlenecks are occurring from any device, anywhere.

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For Line Staff.

Eliminate paper and manual processes, including radio traffic. Use mobility and RFID inmate identification to auto-identify inmates in real-time, and reconcile formal and informal counts automatically, wherever you are.

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For IT.

Leverage GUARDIAN RFID, Mobile, and our Cloud to quickly and cost-effectively deploy corrections’ most widely deployed solution for automating headcounts while integrating with your jail, offender, or case management system.

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Create total transparency and improve headcount communication faster than you can print a jail roster.

Eliminate handwritten logs, printed reports, and radio-traffic to automate your headcounts.

Work faster. From anywhere.

Use Mobile Command to automate your headcounts by scanning, swiping, and syncing your headcounts instantly.

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Gain real-time visibility.

Use OnDemand activity feeds and the all-new Headcount Dashboard to see headcount completion and performance from any device, anywhere.

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Actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Know where inmates are at anytime with Out of Cell notifications in Mobile Command.

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Inmate identification that’s fast and affordable.

RFID wristbands and ID cards help execute your inmate management, monitoring, and tracking responsibilities faster and more competently.

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