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Compliance Monitoring

Data fuels insight. Compliance monitoring is the engine.

Securely generate historical and real-time Cloud reporting in seconds, from any device, any time, anywhere.

What’s manageable must be measurable.

Measure and analyze your team’s performance in real-time. Notifications identify outstanding and consistent performance, as well as identifying performance concerns — by an employee, shift, housing unit, or facility.

Security Rounds

Staff compliance with face-to-face or personal observation checks are critical to compliance and defending against potential allegations of deliberate indifference. Swiftly log observations with imaging and videos attached to the Cloud for real-time reporting, Compliance Monitor to gauge real-time performance, and Operational Intelligence to get maximum insights into round speed, staggering, and more

Track rounds?

Out for Hour (or Two)

Inmates frequently complain about not getting their out for hour. If your inmates are 23 and 1 or 22 and 2, log instantly when this time starts and ends, and build reports that demonstrate historical performance from any device.

Track Out for hour?


State jail and corrections standards may require you to electronically log recreation offerings and individual inmate responses. Log responses instantly, track movements to recreation and automatically tabulate recreation time by week or month.

Track Recreation


Log when inmates accept or refuse meals three times a day. Scan inmate’s RFID wristbands or RFID cards, or manually swipe accepts and declines with instant Cloud reporting. Get notifications if an inmate refuses to eat in excess of thresholds you can customize.

Track Meals

Suicide Watch

Track inmates on special watch, including suicide watch or well-being checks, to digitally log face-to-face officer presence. 

Haste makes waste.

COs sometimes pursue security round speed as if they were Ricky Bobby at Talladega. GUARDIAN RFID compliance monitoring solutions automatically analyze required face-to-face cell checks and security rounds. If checks are being completed too quickly, GUARDIAN RFID will notify staff and alert the supervisor. 

Dynamic digital clocks prevent predictable patterns of behavior.

 The time between security rounds isn’t like baking cookies. Security round frequencies are based on offender classification, the time of last check, and the amount of time permitted until the next round. Security rounds, especially face-to-face cell checks, can’t be set at fixed 15, 30, and 45-minute increments. GUARDIAN RFID dynamically updates security round requirements based on when and where the last round was done, along with the maximum allowed check time. This means you can keep inmates on their toes by better staggering rounds to optimize the team’s performance and prevent predictable patterns of behavior.

Global visibility across a spectrum of devices.

From smart TVs and smartphones, to tablets and workstations, GUARDIAN RFID compliance monitoring solutions provide real-time intelligence everywhere your team works. Connect your control room, rovers, shift supervisors, and front line COs to securely see security round performance with audible, visual, and digital notifications.

Special Status alerts that integrate with your JMS

When observation logs are inmate-specific, your facility dramatically increases its legal defensibility. GUARDIAN RFID ensures that each and every security round is associated with a named inmate. Inmate specific logs are possible because the command and control platform seamlessly integrates with your offender management system. By integrating with your classification system, GUARDIAN RFID can deliver real-time insights into special watch inmates. Whether for mental health or administrative reasons, staff will be constantly up-to-date on the latest special watch list.

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