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Correctional Operations Resource Experts

We Are Guardians Serving Warriors.

Correctional Operations Resource Experts (C.O.R.E.) is an elite team of GUARDIAN RFID professionals with vast and varied corrections experience.

The C.O.R.E. team is the industry’s most experienced center of excellence, combining over 270+ years of deep inmate management and jail operations knowledge.

Each team member has extensive depth of capabilities that range from jail management certification, ACA accreditation, PREA auditing, self-defense, less-lethal munitions, compliance readiness, high-risk transport readiness, and more.

C.O.R.E. is resourced to help guide every Warrior in their pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to help Warriors maintain exceptional proficiency and constant readiness.

Those Who Know, Do. Those Who Understand, Lead

Every member of the C.O.R.E. team possesses specialty knowledge and skills with a combined 270+ years of real-world corrections experience in jails, prisons, and juvenile detention centers of all sizes.

This includes dozens of certifications, instructor licenses, course trainings, and areas of expertise in:

Active Shooter Response
Administrative Supervisor Certifications
Advanced Crisis Negotiation
Advanced Detention Officer Certification
Advanced Jailer Certifications
Advanced Peace Officer Certifications
Advanced Tactical Operator Certifications
Administrative Lieutenant Certifications
Airborne Course
American Correctional Association Accreditation
American Jail Association Certified Jail Manager
Basic Crisis Negotiation
Effective Communication
Domestic Violence Intervention Training
Basic Detention Academy Director and Counselor Certifications
Basic Instructor Certifications
Basic Instructor Proficiency Certification
Basic Life Saver Course
Basic Narcotics Knowledge
Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Knowledge
Baton and Shield
Baton in Secure Facility Certifications
Building Entry Specialist Certifications
Certified Jail Management
Certified Jail Administrator
Chemical Deployment Instruction
Chemical Munitions Certifications
Child Abuse Prevention and Investigation
Combat Infantryman Certifications
Combat Life Saver Techniques
Corrections Counselor Knowledge
Crisis Intervention
Defensive Tactics
Drill Sergeant Certifications
Detention Facility Compliance Readiness
Detention Facility Emergency Preparedness
Detention Project Management
Detention Internal Affairs Investigations
Detention Contractor Background Investigations
Domestic Violence Intervention Training
Distraction Device Certifications
Distraction Device Instructor Certifications
Defensive Tactics Instruction
Effective Communication Certifications
Equal Opportunity Leaders Course
Expert Infantryman Certifications
FBI Basic Negotiation
FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute Knowledge
FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership Institute Knowledge
FBI-LEEDA Internal Affairs Investigations
FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute Knowledge
First Sergeant’s Certifications
Field Training Officer Certifications
Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 Instructor Knowledge
High-Risk Prisoner Transport
Honor Guard
Hostage Negotiation Certifications
Hygiene Sanitation
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Auditing
Incident Command Certifications
Inmate Classification Knowledge
Inmate Discipline Knowledge
Instructor Training
Jail Administrator Association First Vice President Certifications
Jail Administrator Association Second Vice President Certifications
Jail Administrator Association Secretary Certifications
Jail Administrator Certifications
Jail Standards Instructor Knowledge
Jail Standards Training
Leadership Academy Training
Less Lethal Munitions
Law Enforcement New Hire Background Investigations
Law Enforcement Recruiting
Less Lethal Instructor Certifications
Long Gun/Shotgun/AR15 Certifications
Master Corporal Certifications
Mental Health Officer Certification
Mental Health First Aid Certifications
Master Jailer Certifications
Master Peace Officer Certifications
Master Use of Force
Narcotics Detector Dog Knowledge
National Jail Leadership Command Academy
Objective Classification
Parachutist’s Certifications
Patrol Advanced Patrol Officer Certifications
Patrol Basic Peace Officer Certifications
Patrol Intermediate Patrol Officer Certifications
Peace Officers Standards and Training
Peer Support
Pepperball Certifications
Pepperspray Certifications
Physical Training Instructor Certifications
Pistol Expertise
Police Officer Standards and Training
PREA Auditing
PREA Compliance Certified
PREA Compliance Management
PREA Coordination
Pressure Points Control
Primary Leadership Development
Range Master/Firearms
Religious Programming Certifications
Senior Leader Certifications
Sergeants Major Academy
Sexual Abuse Investigations for Confinement Settings
Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigation
Special Reaction Team Training
Special Weapons and Tactics Basic Training
Specialized Subject Control and Arrest Techniques
Staff Development Coordination
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioning
State Certified Law Enforcement Instructions
State Jail Inspections
State Jail Standards
Systems Approach to Training
Taser Certifications
Thinking 4 Change Instruction
Unarmed Self-Defense
Weapons Specialist Course

World-class Guardians Who Have Your Six

Serving and Protecting Warriors

C.O.R.E. is a complimentary resource for every Warrior.

If you need help, our team has your six.