The Weapon of Mass Data Collection.

SPARTAN - The most powerful tool in your data collection and evidence gathering arsenal. Adaptable. Rugged. Ultra-durable. Battery life to support 12-hour shifts. Lightning-fast 2.2 GHz Octa Core Processor. High-resolution imaging.

SPARTAN is the Standard for Corrections Soldiers.

Tactical mobility

Lightweight and mobile, SPARTAN is the standard device for corrections professionals to execute data collection, identification, and intelligence-gathering objectives from any location in real-time.

Battery-life supporting 12-hour shifts

Durability and battery-life are top-of-mind for corrections leaders. SPARTAN battery life supports 12-hour shifts. Every SPARTAN comes with 2x high-capacity batteries that are hot-swappable and support rapid charging.

Integrated mobile device security

SPARTAN embeds mobile device management (MDM) security software to push software updates, provide remote tech support, and control access to Android OS resources.

Embedded Google Translate for improved communication

Streamline communication between team members and non-English speaking offenders. Translate online or offline. Use a two-way conversation mode for instant speech translation. Learn how Charles Co. Detention Center works faster and smarter with Google Translate to gain communication breakthroughs.

Built-in high-resolution imaging

Integrated 13MP autofocus camera with flash supports high-resolution imaging and video capture. Embed images and video into face-to-face cell checks with offenders. Supplement incident reporting with one or more images. Log cell searches and contraband discoveries, cell damage, and more.

Complimentary 3-year premium care warranty

SPARTAN includes a standard 3-year premium care warranty that includes accident protection coverage. Comprehensive warranty coverage helps you focus on your mission and not your technology.

SPARTAN Features

Ultra-durable, scratch-resistant, responsive display
Features a 5" high-definition, multi-touch display protected by Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 3 with additional scratch resistance. SPARTAN’s display supports multi-use glove protection to record daily tasks with the protection you need.
13MP Autofocus Camera
Capture high-resolution imaging during cell checks, cell searches, incident reports, and more with SPARTAN. Images are tagged with RFID location data, WordBlocks, and user information.
Two high capacity, hot-swappable batteries
Hot-swappable 6,400mAh lithium-ion batteries support uninterrupted service throughout a 12-hour shift.
Ultra-durable charging points and docking cradle
Charge your high capacity battery and SPARTAN at the same time.
Compact, lightweight design and an IP67 rating that protects it from water and dust.
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SPARTAN supports constant vigilance at the point of responsibility. Corrections professionals are not at their best behind a desk. Deploy your team members in smarter, more effective ways. Equip them with the tools to complete their mission set with speed and reliability. Scan Hard Tags and RFID inmate identification to gain situational awareness, point of contact compliance, and assess security from anywhere.

SPARTAN Runs Mobile Command.

From cell checks and inmate movements to incident reporting and evidence gathering, capture and share mission-critical data in real-time with blazing speed and precision.

Mobile Command is the gold standard for mobile inmate tracking and productivity software. Built for corrections professionals, Mobile Command enables your team to gain operational dominance, collect and share data for real-time situational awareness, and digitally transform your facility to work safer, smarter, and more aware.

The Command & Control™ Platform works with your Enterprise Software.

GUARDIAN RFID integrates with your jail management system, offender management, and case management systems to track every interaction, observation, movement, and activity from booking to release.

GUARDIAN RFID allows us to create a safe and humane environment for our offender population.

Sergeant Travis Lindstrom
Sherburne County Sheriff's Office
Elk River, Minnesota

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