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Identify, track, and manage inmate movements and inmate presence.

Fixed readers identify inmates by RFID Wristband or RFID Card confirming presence and location.

Effective, affordable, and easy to deploy.

ForceField readers are effective in automating identity, presence, and time and attendance wherever inmates may be present, including:

  • Court transports

  • Monitoring progression through booking process

  • Programs rooms (to manage inmate participation in scheduled programs)

  • Recreation yards

  • Inmate worker areas (kitchen, laundry, work release, etc.)

  • Medical arrival (and departure)

  • Visitation

  • Multi-purpose rooms

Auto-ID inmates by RFID wristband or RFID Card.

Scan inmates by RFID Wristband or RFID card to verify inmate identity, location, and manage movements.

Powerful, durable readers.

ForceField readers support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for quick, easy rollout and are encased in an indestructible, fully weatherproof enclosure for maximum durability. LED lights and audible notifications help verify reader performance and usage.