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Technical Requirements

The tools you’ll need to successfully automate your care, custody, and control mission set



Modern Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. If you’re still using hot garbage like Internet Explorer, for the love of Mike, get with it.)

High-speed Internet. (If you’re using IE and you still hear this, you need to upgrade.)

Strong leadership.

You decide.

A kick-a$$ GSD.


Do we need a server?

No. GUARDIAN RFID is Cloud based. No servers required. No specific workstation or laptop requirements other than an Internet accessible device with a good, modern browser.

Do we need Wi-Fi?

You don’t need Wi-Fi. It’s highly recommended, but if you cannot rollout Wi-Fi, SPARTAN supports Ethernet docking cradles for network connectivity

What’s the System Architecture?

Integration with your Jail, Offender, or Case Management System

GUARDIAN RFID integrates with a wide range of jail management systems, as well as offender and case management systems. See our list of integration partners. The method of integration can vary from system to system, as well as the version of the software you’re using

Does GUARDIAN RFID support one-way and two-way interfaces? 

We do. Which is better? Read this blog:

What’s the next step?

Continue your educational journey by visiting our Resources tab to read our blogs, watch our Warrior Success Stories, and free How-To videos or contact our Customer Success Team so that we can assist you.