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RFID Cards

Performance and flexibility for detention facilities of all sizes.

Electronic and visual identification manage, monitor, and track inmates 20x more effectively and efficiently.

RFID Cards from GUARDIAN RFID provide detention facilities fully automated inmate identification, tracking, and management capabilities. Compatible with GUARDIAN RFID ForceField fixed readers, RFID Cards support direct to card printing, including full-color or black and white.

Automate activity logging faster

RFID Cards, together with Mobile Command, help log inmate activities faster and more accurately. From meal passes and recreation offerings to program attendance, razor passes, court transports, med passes, work release programs, and more, capture events, activities, and interactions wherever you are.

Never falsify or duplicate your RFID Cards. Ever.

GUARDIAN RFID encrypts the unique digital fingerprint of every RFID Card. Our platform also ensures that no inmate can ever be associated with more than one RFID Card at a time.

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Extend with ForceField Readers

Use your RFID Cards together with ForceField fixed RFID readers to manage inmate movements and identify presence for time and attendance.

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Create and activate an RFID Card in less than 60 seconds.

GUARDIAN RFID makes it fast and cost-effective for even the most time-pressed booking staff to create and activate an RFID Card. Activate each inmate’s RFID Card using your desktop reader and our Cloud platform.

Trust. Verify.

Fully automate your standing headcounts by electronically identifying every inmate during roll-call — including receiving instant notification when an inmate is read by GUARDIAN RFID Mobile Command who isn’t assigned to a correct housing unit.

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Inmate Identification Solution

Five tips to maximize success.

Success Story

Baker County uses RFID Cards for inmate identification