Real-time reports, activity feeds, and operational insight. Anywhere, anytime. Any device.

Make informed, critical decisions from anywhere with real-time notifications and secure, Cloud access.

Manage and monitor operations from anywhere. Identify where bottlenecks may be occurring and address them quickly. Measure staff and shift performance. Securely access images and video captured from Mobile Command for investigative purposes. Build and view up-to-the-minute reports, dashboards, and activity feeds provide powerful insights from anywhere.

Proactively monitor your security round compliance.

Create, manage, and view your security round performance in real-time. Digital clocks and fully customizable audible and visual alerts notify staff globally if your cell checks and security checks become late. Build and send email notifications to supervisors for any non-compliance concerns.

Activity feeds inform and validate staff productivity instantly.

View real-time productivity trails for your entire team. See what observations, activities, and events are being logged by time, location, staff member, and more. Securely view images and videos taken by staff. Monitor processes and performance from any device, including your smartphone, tablet, or workstation with legally defensible data that cannot be modified, edited, or deleted.

Build real-time and historical reports for investigative purposes, track team performance, and ensure compliance.

Access your data securely in seconds with powerful, easy to use reporting tools. Generate a wide range of inmate, staff, and demographic-specific reports instantly.

Securely export and share reports. Define user privileges to specific named reports. Auto-generate any report to be emailed at scheduled times.

Get a 360-degree view of every inmate.

View, learn, and reassess your interactions and classification needs for each inmate. Build detailed inmate log reports broken down and filtered by observations, keywords, events, movements, and more.

Identify and quantify incidents of non-compliance. Proactive monitoring and aggressive data collection maintain care, custody, and control at all times.

Clear headcounts like a boss.

Execute and view your headcounts with unrivaled insight. Watch headcounts performed in real-time and view time to performance from any device in housing and non-housing unit areas. Auto-identify any inmate(s) not electronically included in a headcount for security purposes. Generate up-to-the-minute and historical reports that distinguish between formal (positive ID) and informal headcounts.

Activate and manage RFID inmate identification credentials.

Enroll your RFID wristbands and RFID cards instantly during the booking process. Print wristband inserts from your jail management system, or use OnDemand to create wristband labels printed onto waterproof labels that are individually perforated (no hand-cutting required.)

OnDemand is secure and CJIS compliant.

GUARDIAN RFID OnDemand is Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy compliant. OnDemand technical team members and solutions advisors possess CJIS competency certificates issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division.

The GUARDIAN RFID OnDemand Cloud infrastructure is protected by world-class security and operates on a highly restrictive private Cloud.

Create and manage unlimited users.

Create, manage, and deactivate users instantly. With OnDemand, you can create an unlimited number of users, define privileges (including access to named reports).

GUARDIAN RFID also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to streamline user creation and management.