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Real-time reports, activity feeds, and operational insight.
Anywhere, anytime. Any device.

Cloud-based reporting providing operational awareness.

Maximize vigilance securely from any location, any device, and time.

Access your data, evidence, and intelligence. 

  • Run real-time and historical reports

  • Gain actionable insight needed to make informed decisions

  • Strengthen your compliance, internal governance, staff accountability, and investigative reporting 

Real-time activity feeds.

Monitor observations, activities, and events being logged by time, location, staff member, and more. Securely view images and videos taken by staff on the SPARTAN’s Mobile Command platform. Monitor processes and performance from any device, including your smartphone, tablet, or workstation with legally defensible data that cannot be modified, edited or deleted.

Proactively monitor your security round compliance.

Create, manage, and view your security round performance in real-time. Digital clocks and fully customizable audible and visual alerts notify staff globally if your cell checks and security checks become late. Build and send email notifications to supervisors for any non-compliance concerns.

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Clear headcounts in real-time

Execute and view headcounts with unrivaled insight. Watch headcounts performed in real-time and view time to performance from any device in housing and non-housing unit areas. Auto-identify any inmate(s) not electronically included in a headcount for security purposes. Generate up-to-the-minute and historical reports that distinguish between formal (positive ID) and informal headcounts.

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Get a 360-degree view of every inmate.

View, learn and reassess your interactions and classification needs for each inmate. Build detailed inmate log reports broken down and filtered by observations, keywords, events, movements, and more.

Identify and quantify incidents of non-compliance. Proactive monitoring and aggressive data collection maintain care, custody, and control at all times.

Powerful Cloud reporting.

Dozens of pre-built reports with advanced filtering options, exporting tools, and end-user management enables you to gain the investigative operational awareness you need. Generate a wide range of inmate, staff, and demographic-specific reports instantly. Define user privileges to specific named reports, securely export and share, or schedule auto-generated reports to be emailed at pre-determined times. Access your data, on your terms, from anywhere, powered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Integrated Business Intelligence.

Data collection is the starting point, not the destination. With Operational Intelligence, the brains of the Command & Control platform, you can gain real-time actionable intelligence with dozens of pre-built and fully customizable dashboards to analyze staff performance, inmate management, inmate behaviors, and more.

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Simple End-User Management.

Create, manage, and customize your end-user privileges in seconds. Integrate GUARDIAN RFID with Microsoft Active Directory. Set security permissions and limit access to features based on role and responsibility. 

Customizable compliance monitoring support.

Define where and how often security rounds need to be completed within the Compliance Monitor. Schedule rounds based on a variety of circumstances, including regular and irregular schedules, weekdays, and weekends. Enable and customize different monitoring states, such as only requiring security rounds to be performed on cell occupied locations, and more.

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Medication Administration

Create, manage, and administer your medication administration records with electronic signature support, pill count tracking, medication allergy identification, and more.

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World-Class CJIS Compliant Security.

GUARDIAN RFID delivers scalable, enterprise CJIS compliance. Our Cloud partner, AWS GovCloud (US), enables customers at the state, local and federal levels to adhere to ITAR, FedRamp/FISMA High and DoD SRG impact levels 2, 4 and 5.

Video Dashboard.

Securely view and manage digital video evidence collected by SPARTAN. Maintain chain of custody by controlling user access. Know who’s accessing your videos when, where, and from what device. Digitally encrypted video files allow you to know if any asset has been tampered with and by whom. 

Unlimited Data Storage.

GUARDIAN RFID delivers unlimited data storage (non-video), including fully automated data backups with redundancy. Data retention schedules, and optionally requested auto-purges based on the age of your data are defined by you. 

Does OnDemand integrate with your existing JMS?

A proven track record of integrating with existing jail management, case management, and offender management systems across the U.S., ensures the transfer of information is secure, seamless, and creates reports you never knew existed. Check out some of our Integration Partners.

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