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Command Cloud is an officer experience platform (OXP) of integrated applications and services, giving corrections warriors real-time situational awareness through a common operating picture.

Command Cloud is a secure, native Cloud platform powered by AWS to manage and monitor your inmate population from anywhere, on any device.

The most widely used and trusted mobile inmate tracking system, the all-new Mobile Command XR is packed with powerful, industry-leading capabilities: AI-powered cell checks to maximize staggered, irregular rounds, face recognition for login and inmate management, inmate release verification, tracking all on-shift tasks, capturing high-resolution images and video, and so much more.

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Everything, everywhere, all in one place.  Mission Command works in tandem with Mobile Command XR so that all staff members have a common operating picture across your inmate population.

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The first purpose-built computer vision system for corrections. VisionOps changes everything, delivering AI-powered inmate tracking with face recognition and object detection via fixed-cameras to monitor inmate movements, keep separates, inmate restrictions, and so much more.

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Operational Intelligence brings real-time meaning and clarity around your data across virtually every functional area of inmate management through our diagnostic analytics.

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