MAPLE GROVE, Minn., Jan. 21, 2019/PRNewswire — GUARDIAN RFID, the global leader in inmate management and tracking systems, announces today the El Monte Police Department has chosen to deploy the Command & Control platform from GUARDIAN RFID.

Located 13 miles east of Los Angeles, El Monte Police Department serves a population of 113,475 residents and employs a full time Custody Services Division. The City Jail temporarily holds anywhere from 8 to 30 inmates daily and will use GUARDIAN RFID to replace its manual, electronic logs, digitally transforming its operations to support real-time security rounds, including monitoring high-risk offenders, as well as inmate activity logging, and more while interfacing with Spillman Flex, the agency’s jail management system.

One of the primary challenges El Monte Police Department’s City Jail faces is inefficient logging and difficult to manage records because of their dependence on manual processes. The result: preventable miscommunication, inability to measure results, time consuming report gathering, and incomplete or missing records. With GUARDIAN RFID, El Monte Police Department can electronically demonstrate their care and custody of offenders to ensure safety and security, while complying with jail standards.

Operational Dominance with Ultra Rugged Android

El Monte Police Department is deploying SPARTAN, the ultra-rugged Android from GUARDIAN RFID, running Mobile Command software. Jail staff will now be capturing data at the point of responsibility, giving them complete control over operational efficiency and success. The jail is also deploying hardened RFID tags strategically located throughout their facility to automate a wide range of data collection and reporting, including security checks and cell checks, headcounts, meal and recreation offerings, and a wide-range of other inmate activity logging at the point of responsibility.

Log face-to-face interactions with high-risk offenders with Mobile Command, the Android app that runs on SPARTAN, the ultra-rugged Android scanner from GUARDIAN RFID.

Command & Control

GUARDIAN RFID is a platform that's as essential to law enforcement as it is to inmates and their families. It's the neutral third party that digitally validates all staff actions, and by the same token, guarantees that inmates and staff are compliant with behaviors and policies while in custody.

Custody Supervisor Kelly Martin chose GUARDIAN RFID because of its superior reporting and data collection, as well as the depth of its configurability and Cloud reporting. Features such as Workflows, which supports the ability to create fully customizable modules, as well as the ability to capture inmate activity logging in real-time, and existing integration support with Spillman Flex were critical capabilities supported by GUARDIAN RFID.

The investment in this documentation and investigative tool aids in maximizing communication, provides situational awareness to officers, and manages staff performance. Martin will be able to utilize real-time evidence gathering to command and control the El Monte Police Department Jail.

Corrections professionals gain real-time operational awareness with secure access to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, supporting tools, dashboards, reports, and more from any Internet-accessible device, including tablets, smartphones, workstations, and laptops

The GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, OnDemand, will also help El Monte Police Department gain real-time situational awareness, monitor security round performance, and access activity streams and reporting tools from anywhere.

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About El Monte Police Department

The El Monte Police Department - Custody Services Division operates a 30-bed city jail located 13 miles east of Los Angeles. The City of El Monte has a population of 113,475, with an average of 3,7000 arrests annually.

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