Paulding Co. Jail is a pre-trial adult detention facility located 70 miles southwest of Toledo. Paulding Co. holds up to 52 inmates and will be deploying the Command & Control platform from GUARDIAN RFID, integrating with its jail management system, from Zuercher (previously Emergitech).

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire — GUARDIAN RFID, the global leader in inmate management and tracking systems, today announce Paulding Co. Sheriff's Office has chosen GUARDIAN RFID for its 52-bed detention center.

Paulding Co. Jail is digitally transforming its inmate management objectives with the Command & Control platform from GUARDIAN RFID, to automate its inmate tracking, security rounds, including face-to-face cell checks on high-risk and administrative segregation offenders, and other activity logging in real-time.

Paulding Co. Jail relies heavily on manual and paper-based systems. This includes everything from paper logging inmate movements and headcounts, to cell checks on high-risk offenders, which results in miscommunication and time-consuming report generation. Other inmate activity logging may be entered into their jail management system from Zuercher (previously Emergitech.)

Inmates will also be outfitted with RFID wristbands for electronic and visual identification, which will assist correctional officers and deputies streamline a wide range of interactions from court transports and pill calls to recreation time.

Operational Dominance with the Weapon of Mass Data Collection

Paulding Co. team members are deploying SPARTAN, the ultra-rugged Android from GUARDIAN RFID, running Mobile Command software. The jail is also deploying hardened RFID tags strategically located throughout their facility to automate a wide range of data collection and reporting, including security checks and cell checks, headcounts, meal and recreation offerings, and a wide-range of other inmate activity logging at the point of responsibility.

Command & Control

The Paulding Co. Jail was open for 18 months before closing in 2008. The jail re-opened this year after a levy was passed in 2016 to provide $1.35 million in funding to ensure its operations would be compliant with Ohio jail standards. "We don’t have to move them and drive them 48 miles one way and bring them back,” noted Sheriff Landers." “That’s a safety issue for the inmates and for our staff. That’s a good thing." Lt. Chris Dilling made a deliberate effort to ensure that once the jail was operational, inmate activity logging, security rounds, and inmate movements would be completely digitized to maintain Command & Control.

Corrections professionals gain real-time operational awareness with secure access to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, supporting tools, dashboards, reports, and more from any Internet-accessible device, including tablets, smartphones, workstations, and laptops

The GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, OnDemand, will also help Paulding Co. gain real-time situational awareness, monitor security round performance, and access activity streams and reporting tools from anywhere, while working with its jail management system from Zuercher (Emergitech).

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About Paulding Co. Correctional Facility

The Paulding Co. Sheriff's Office operates a 52-bed adult detention facility located 70 miles southwest of Toledo, Ohio. Paulding Co. services a population of 19,644..

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