Lawrence Co. Corrections, a 300-bed jail in New Castle, Pennsylvania, has selected GUARDIAN RFID for its pre-trial adult detention facility located an hour outside Pittsburgh.

Lawrence Co. Corrections Selects GUARDIAN RFID for Inmate Tracking to Gain Operational Dominance

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire
—GUARDIAN RFID, the global leader in inmate management and tracking systems, today announce Lawrence County Corrections in New Castle, Pennsylvania, has selected GUARDIAN RFID for its detention center.

Located north of Pittsburgh, Lawrence Co. Corrections has an average daily population of 288 inmates. Lawrence Co. staff will use the GUARDIAN RFID Command and Control platform to maximize staff productivity, increase compliance efficiency with Pennsylvania Jail Standards, and eliminate its manual systems.

Command & Control

Lawrence Co. Corrections currently uses a combination of manual systems, including paper logs, along with their jail management system, OMS, from GTL. Led by Warden Brian Covert and Deputy Warden Jason Hilton, Lawrence Co. leadership selected GUARDIAN RFID to centralize its inmate identification, security rounds, and activity logging into one powerful, centralized platform to gain operational dominance.

GUARDIAN RFID will enable its corrections staff to automate a wide range of workflows, improve communication, and gain real-time operational insight from any device, anywhere, with the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud.

Android + RFID to Maximize Staff Performance

Lawrence Co. Corrections officers will be deploying SPARTAN, the ultra-rugged Android from GUARDIAN RFID running Mobile Command software. The jail will be deploying hardened RFID tags strategically located throughout their facility to automate a wide range of data collection and reporting, including security checks and cell checks, headcounts, meal and recreation offerings, and a wide-range of other inmate activity logging at the point of responsibility.

Lawrence Co. inmates will also be outfitted with RFID Wristbands for inmate tracking, which includes programs attendance, court transports, and medical visits.

Mobile Command software enables corrections professionals to perform both positive ID or "formal" headcounts by scanning inmates' RFID wristbands, or streamlined informal counts, throughout their shift, at the point of responsibility.

The GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, OnDemand, will also help Lawrence Co. gain real-time situational awareness, monitor security round performance, and access activity streams and reporting tools from anywhere, while working with OMS from GTL.

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About Lawrence Co. Corrections

Lawrence Co. Corrections operates a 300-bed pre-trial adult detention facility located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and is led by Warden Brian Covert.

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