Pittsburgh-area jail using RFID + Cloud + Mobile to eliminate paper logging and gain real-time operational awareness with their Offender Management System from GTL

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., April 2, 2018 /PRNewswire—Mercer Co. Jail (Mercer, Pennsylvania) has partnered with GUARDIAN RFID and deployed its inmate management system to automate security and compliant-critical objectives throughout its 400-bed jail.

GUARDIAN RFID will replace the jail’s longstanding paper-based logs and manual forms and help automate a wide range of inmate activities, behavioral observations, inmate movements, court transports, and positive ID headcounts that integrates with the county’s existing Offender Management System (OMS) from Global Tel-Link (GTL.)

Mercer Co. Jail has deployed hardened RFID tags throughout the facility, RFID Wristbands, and SPARTAN, ultra-rugged Android devices by GUARDIAN RFID, to manage, monitor, and track inmates using Mobile Command software.

The GUARDIAN RFID system is helping staff to collect data faster and more comprehensively than its present manual tools. This includes inmate meal offerings, programs attendance, and cell checks and security rounds, which will help reduce inmate complaints and future litigation, while increase compliance efficiency with Pennsylvania jail standards. GUARDIAN RFID is also enabling staff to share and communicate information in real-time with its Cloud-based platform, OnDemand, which provides Web-based activity streams, dashboards, and reports, while interfacing with OMS.

Comments about the Announcement

“With GUARDIAN RFID, we’re able to increase the productivity of our team and achieve greater efficiency in maintaining compliance with state jail standards, while helping to maximize the protection of our staff,” said Deputy Warden, Mac McDuffie.

The Mercer Co. deployment of GUARDIAN RFID was funded by partnership between GUARDIAN RFID and the Pennsylvania Counties Risk Pool (PCoRP).

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About Mercer County Jail

The Mercer County Jail, led by Warden Erna Craig and Deputy Warden Mac McDuffie, is a county jail with average daily population of nearly 400 inmates. Mercer Co., Pennsylvania, has a population 117,000 and is located on the far western border of Pennsylvania.

For more information, visit https://www.mcc.co.mercer.pa.us/jail/jailreport/default.htm


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