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Switching from Guard Tour to GUARDIAN RFID

GUARDIAN RFID is more powerful, more capable and more competent than Guard Tour

Move beyond wands, QR codes, and barcodes. Gain real-time data collection that delivers real-time insights and awareness. Manage and execute your responsibilities faster than ever.

How is the data collection better in GUARDIAN RFID than guard tour?

GUARDIAN RFID auto-collects offender-level data. Our logs are always tagged with the inmate’s name, booking number, and housing assignment. Integration with your jail management system makes this happen -- this includes sharing mugshots for visual reference.

GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags confirm staff presence and inmate identity. You can double-confirm inmate identity via RFID wristbands or RFID cards.

GUARDIAN RFID also supports data collection via SPARTAN using Hard Tags, voice-to-text, our patented WordBlocks, and integrated imaging and video -- all at the point of responsibility.

There’s virtually no log entry that GUARDIAN RFID can’t capture electronically -- with lightning speed and precision. Say goodbye to paper logs.

Is it as easy to use SPARTAN as they say?

More corrections professionals use SPARTAN than any other mobile platform. Why? SPARTAN is familiar. It runs Android. SPARTAN is as easy to use as the smartphones your staff uses in their personal lives. And GUARDIAN RFID Mobile is purposefully designed to deliver a simple, powerful, user experience that every staff member fully embraces day one.

Does GUARDIAN RFID integrate with our enterprise software?

Affirmative. GUARDIAN RFID has a deep integration portfolio of completed interfaces with jail and records management systems throughout the U.S. Integrating GUARDIAN RFID with your jail management system (JMS) results in easier, faster, and more specific data collection. Integration delivers superior automation to save you time and money. And integration enables GUARDIAN RFID to naturally extend the capabilities of your JMS.

How are GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags better than iButtons?

GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags are far more durable. In fact, our Hard Tags are bulletproof. Here’s one shot with a 9m from a range of 20 yards. Hard Tags are contactless, so they won’t be hit or struck repeatedly like iButtons can be with Wands or Probes. (Hard Tags are literally bulletproof with a lifetime guarantee.) GUARDIAN RFID Hard Tags are also multi-functional. They support inmate movements, razor passes, meal offerings, headcounts, and more -- as well as automating your security rounds (security checks and cell checks) with GUARDIAN RFID Mobile Command. And Hard Tags -- when scanned -- auto-identify inmate(s) associated with the Hard Tag based on cell assignment data from your jail management system. An iButton in a guard tour system requires physical contact with a proprietary device (e.g. Wand.) Guard tour and iButton-based solutions offer limited functionality and limited data collection, and lack insightful reporting tools.

We’re disappointed in our guard tour system’s reporting. Access is limited and the reporting isn’t useful. How can GUARDIAN RFID help?

Great reporting starts with great data collection: data that’s precise, thorough, and accurate. Your data should be shared quickly and effortlessly, and populate in reports instantly.

GUARDIAN RFID Cloud-based reporting helps you securely and quickly connect to your data, provide insights into your operational performance -- from anywhere on any device -- in real-time -- without additional cost or hassle.

How do I get started?

Schedule a meeting with one of our Solutions Advisors today. We can provide guidance on deploying GUARDIAN RFID to maximize your defensibility and compliance with state jail standards.