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On The Line with Anthony Gangi

About Anthony Gangi

With about 18 years of experience in the corrections profession, Anthony Gangi has worked his way from line officer to supervisor and trainer while becoming a nationally recognized advocate for the corrections community. Turning to his background in psychology, leaning on his corrections experience, and demonstrating his passion for corrections, Anthony Gangi is now widely known as the host of Tier Talk. This highly successful YouTube channel is dedicated to corrections covering trending topics, best practices, answering commonly asked questions, and discussions with subject matter experts across the industry to bring you the latest.

About On The Line

On The Line was created to extend the passion of both Anthony Gangi and GUARDIAN RFID to continue the mission of backing the gray line with information to help the corrections community both inside and outside the walls. We’d love to hear from you with any topics that you’d like discussed by Gangi, or the rest of our staff with corrections experience -

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