Partnership to drive faster, simpler, and safer workflows for medical staff and providers.

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire—GUARDIAN RFID, the global leader in inmate management and tracking systems, today announced that they have partnered with CorEMR, a leader in electronic medical record (EMR) systems for corrections, to integrate GUARDIAN RFID inmate identification with the CorEMR platform.

The integration between CorEMR and GUARDIAN RFID is designed to increase patient/inmate safety by streamlining inmate identification to reduce medication errors, and increase medical and provider productivity.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, medication errors can lead to adverse drug events (ADE), which account for nearly 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations each year. Additionally, the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) published a recent study that found 75 distracting events in 406 minutes of observing clinical tasks. These distractions led to 32 interruptions in care. Five tasks were not completed and four were not even remembered by clinicians. Distractions result in record-keeping mistakes, impede clinician communication, and endanger patients.

CorEMR is using GUARDIAN RFID™ ForceField desktop readers (NFC) connected to laptops running CorEMR. The ForceField desktop reader automatically identifies inmates by their GUARDIAN RFID Wristband or RFID Card to instantly display the inmate’s medical chart.

Previously, medical staff and providers scrolled through an electronic list of inmate names in CorEMR, then manually selected the inmate’s chart. The GUARDIAN RFID integration streamlines the identification and selection process, ensuring that the right inmate is receiving the right medication each time.

Detention facilities gain peace of mind knowing that patient safety is maximized by increasing identification accuracy, as well as enhancing the value of the inmate’s existing RFID credential as a global passport for tracking movements, programs attendance, and other activity logging, as well as medication administration in CorEMR.

See CorEMR at National Commission on Correctional Healthcare's (NCCHC) 2018 Spring Conference, in Minneapolis April 21-24.

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