New products, new website, new branding campaign to help corrections professionals manage, monitor, and track inmates in the Cloud-first, Mobile-First age.

MAPLE GROVE, Minn., Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire

Tweetable Highlights:

  • @GuardianRFID launches updated website to manage, monitor, and track inmates with #RFID + #Cloud #Mobile
  • New branding and new products showcase the power of the @GuardianRFID platform. #RFID #Cloud #Mobile
  • Newly updated website includes information about #SPARTAN, the ultra-rugged Android device from @GuardianRFID and #FORCEFIELD fixed readers

GUARDIAN RFID has launched a new brand campaign and new products branded around the “Warrior Technology” and “One Team, One Mission” taglines. The branding strategy is an effort to underscore and align the strengths of the GUARDIAN RFID platform to a segment of law enforcement known for its courage, resilience, and valor.

As part of the “Warrior Technology” campaign, GUARDIAN RFID worked with award-winning videography teams throughout the U.S. to help tell stories of its law enforcement partners using the GUARDIAN RFID platform to mitigate risk and increase compliance with jail standards.

GUARDIAN RFID has also launched a new website with new content, including blogs, success stories, product information, and video demos.

New Products, New Names

The new branding effort from GUARDIAN RFID also includes:

  • A new stylized wave icon with a bolder, more dominant appearance
  • The launch of Mobile Command™, the company’s Android-based mobile application to automate cell checks, inmate movements, med passes, and more. (Mobile Command replaces GUARDIAN RFID Mobile, the company’s legacy mobile application for Windows Mobile.)
  • ForceField™, the new tradename for the company’s fixed RFID reader initiatives.
  • Hard Tag™, the new name for GUARDIAN RFID Tags to communicate the product’s intrinsic durability and ruggedness to automate security rounds, cell checks, and other activity logging.

“The digital era is driven by innovations that leverage the combined offerings of Cloud and Mobile technologies,” said Ken Dalley, President and CEO, GUARDIAN RFID. “We’re inspired to help corrections professionals leverage technology that improves their performance and operational awareness. The GUARDIAN RFID platform and its Warrior Technology branding campaign underscores the strength of those who work in public safety, and the innovations we bring to market.”


GUARDIAN RFID manages, monitors, and tracks inmates in-custody to mitigate risk, maximize defensibility, and strengthen compliance. Endorsed by National Sheriffs' Association.

For more information, visit or call 855-777-RFID (7343).