COVID-19: Logging for Lawsuit Prevention Using GUARDIAN RFID’s SPARTAN

Greg Piper
Greg Piper

How can the GUARDIAN RFID solution, specifically the SPARTAN, help protect your staff and facility with the inevitable lawsuits from an offender claiming, “Your poor practices are the reason they got the Coronavirus.”

Add Customized WordBlocksTM

On the administrative side, log into the OnDemand website and add custom WordBlocks to your cell check feature. WordBlocks such as “Sanitized Living Unit”, “Handed out Cleaning Supplies”, “Bleached certain areas” among others specific to your policies and procedures. As those tasks are being completed, within CDC recommended intervals, scan the hard tags and select the appropriate WordBlock to show your staff or inmate workers are in those areas completing those sanitization procedures.

Capture Photo and Video Evidence

Use the Take a Video or Take a Photo feature available right on the SPARTAN, to capture visual evidence of the cleaning procedures to show staff was in that area at a specific time. With the SPARTAN you are able to capture photo and video logs with a timestamp of when and how those cleaning procedures were taking place with easily retrievable reporting ensuring you abided by CDC procedures and recommendations.

Importance of Tracking Procedures

Tracking of the cleaning process and procedures will help mitigate risk for you and your staff confirming you were doing everything you could to protect staff, visitors, vendors, and inmates in your facility. Utilize a combination of the Take a Photo and Take a Video feature, while also utilizing WordBlocks to provide time-stamped reporting.

Stay Safe

Ensure your facility is following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) precautions and recommendations. We want to make sure everybody is safe and stays healthy, but also make sure YOU have the right procedures and logs in place so when that inevitable lawsuit happens, you have the reporting to help protect you in a long run.

Get your team home safe!

Other Activity Tracking
Greg “OG” Piper is the Director of Academy at GUARDIAN RFID. Piper has been in skills development, training, and instructing for over 25 years in everything from customer service to martial arts. Starting as a puppeteer for the Parks Department in Apple Valley, Minnesota and having worked for multi-million dollar corporations, government agencies, and mom and pop businesses, Piper brings a wide range of business and life skills to each training.