Mineral County, Nevada where the Sheriff’s Office is the only law enforcement in the region, save the taillight chasing Nevada DPS Troopers, has a population of approx. 4,700 people and is nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range between Reno and Las Vegas. The once-thriving economy of Hawthorne, Nevada was fueled primarily from recreation at Walker Lake and the world's largest Ammo Depot, Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD). These days, the lake is down 180 feet due to overuse by upstream Californian farmers. The town of Walker Lake has dissolved due to the decline in recreational water use. The state of Nevada won a recent lawsuit that has allowed more water to flow into the lake. The HWAD is in demilitarization mode now storing and destructing Ammo, this means the base has a third of the staff it normally would have to make ammo. Such a diverse area with many challenges to overcome.

The jail houses thirty inmates and is staffed with six officers and a Sgt. who doubles as the jail administrator. The dispatcher is also the lead volunteer fire medic. Each person at MCSO goes above and beyond in their service to Mineral Co. All officers work solo with one dispatcher in the next room over. The dispatcher's primary job is to call one of two deputies working the entire county to back up a Detention Deputy if there is a critical situation. This is the reality for most rural jails. The jail has a little garden out back where they grow their own tomatoes, onions, carrots, and other vegetables for jail meals to keep the cost of food low.

The GUARDIAN RFID solution was initially brought on to ensure security rounds are completed appropriately and timely to meet state standards. Since Go-Live in September 2019, Mineral Co. jail staff has achieved an 85% compliance rate. This is significant as these officers are wearing the hats of the cook, nurse, inmate worker supervisor, counselor, disciplinarian, custodian, and officer. Mineral County leverages other features such as temporary movements to show inmate work, court and recreation, and tracking supplies.

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