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The GUARDIAN RFID team is an innovative, highly dedicated, and experienced group of technology and corrections professionals.

Senior Leaders

Ken Dalley Jr.

President, Senior Quality Leader

Brett Wilmeth

Vice President & Senior Quality Leader

Corrections Advisory Committee

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections Advisory Committee is a group of veteran corrections leaders who help guide our innovation to deliver software + solutions that continually improve operational efficiency, defensibility, and compliance for today’s corrections professionals.

Lt. Blair Waller

Sarasota Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Sarasota, Fla.)

Lt. Nick Shimmel

Otoe Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Nebraska City, Neb.)

Cpt. Clayton Edwards

White Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Searcy, AR)

Cpt. Bill Kaufman

Eagle Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Eagle, CO)

Lt. Nick Whitmore

Hardin Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Eldora, IA)

Lt. Jim Spain

Lemhi Co. Sheriff’s Office
(Salmon, ID)
CORRECTIONAL RFID: Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can help corrections professionals work faster, smarter, and more defensibly. When combined with deep correctional expertise and best practices, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities can achieve whole new levels of automation with real-time inmate management, inmate monitoring, and inmate tracking capabilities.  That’s why GUARDIAN RFID is the definitive leader in correctional RFID + mobile + cloud technologies; the only system exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association.

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