COVID-19 Command Center

The latest in our efforts to support our nation's warriors.

To Our Warrior Community

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We appreciate all that you do. Even though much of your work is unseen, it is never overlooked.

Here are some brief updates that are important for you to know.

  • As of April 1, 2020, GUARDIAN RFID commenced Operation: Infinite Learning, our remote learning initiative to bring the live-classroom experience we’re known for to your Web browser. Operation: Infinite Learning uses Web cameras, and powerful Bluetooth speakers set up in your training environment to fully immerse your attendees.

    Remote learning is a temporary, alternative method of learning GUARDIAN RFID from our training team. We will resume on-site training as soon as travel and shelter-in-place restrictions can be lifted.
  • GUARDIAN RFID, in partnership with the Warrior Foundation, is distributing up to 250,000 N95, KN95, surgical masks, and non-surgical masks to correctional facilities hardest hit by COVID-19. We also deeply appreciate our collaborative partners, AWSSecurus Technologies, and GTL for their generous donations to this disaster relief effort. Distribution is set to begin the week of May 4th. Visit for more information on this initiative, including how to request PPE for your facility. 
  • GUARDIAN RFID has been working with its manufacturing and supply chain partners to ensure that RFID wristbands and RFID cards are stocked and orders can be fulfilled with minimal to no disruption. However, we do encourage Warriors to reorder supplies as early as possible to avoid delays. 
  • GUARDIAN RFID has partnered with Anne Spaulding, MD, who is providing valuable insight and guidance on how to prevent and combat COVID-19. Visit for more information.
  • We have a ton of COVID-19 related content, including ways to mitigate lawsuits arising from Coronavirus. Visit

If there’s anything we can do for you, please contact the GUARDIAN RFID team or me directly. It’s our pleasure to help you.

Get your team home safe. 

Ken Dalley
Chief Warrior, President