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The Top 8 Implementation and Go-Live FAQs

If your Go-Live date is quickly approaching, you may have some questions starting to rise. Don’t worry, this is to be expected! The Go-Live date is a big day full of anticipation. When your agency is about to embark on a brand-new, game-changing journey, you will naturally have questions about what the process looks like. That’s why we outlined the most popular implementation and Go-Live questions with their corresponding answers below. Let’s dive into how your agency is about to expand its technological capabilities and start maximizing team transparency, accountability, and safety.
Chris Riedmueller
Chris Riedmueller
Kenzie Koch | Senior Marketing Specialist
Courtney Ganley | Senior Customer Success Manager
Mark Penrod | Project Manager

1. Our Go-Live Is Coming Up, What Can We Expect?

You can expect that the GUARDIAN RFID team will be there every step of the way to ensure your team has all the tools needed to be successful. Depending on the size and scope of your facility, you will have one or more Academy trainers on-site during the Go-Live process. For example, a larger facility will require an in-person pre-training meeting while a smaller facility can have these conversations over a phone call.

2. Who Is Involved With the Implementation?

Ever heard of a love triangle? Don’t worry, we aren’t that messy or complicated. However, we do have a three-sided workflow called the JailOps (short for Jail Operations) Triangle consisting of GUARDIAN RFID Project Managers, Academy team, and Account Managers. In theory, Project Managers and Academy team work together to bring a facility to complete implementation. Project Managers take the facility from the contract signing process to getting the facility prepared for training and Go-Live. Academy closes out the implementation by providing training and on-site support during Go-Live. The knowledge our Academy team provides is second to none as each trainer has at least ten years of correctional experience. Once implementation is wrapped up, the Account Managers are the main point of contact for any questions or coordination of any additional training needs. Whether it’s the Project Managers, Academy team, or Account Managers, the JailOps Triangle works together and makes the implementation process as smooth as possible. Our priority is for the staff to get the most out of their training so we aim to individualize the Go-Live process to each facility wherever possible.

3. Can Training Take Place Outside the Classroom?

If any staff member is unable to make a classroom session, we try to ensure that we see them on shift and give them an overview of how to utilize the system. If your facility would rather have the trainers directly shadow your staff in lieu of actual classroom training, we can certainly do that as well. GUARDIAN RFID is strategic about how we organize the training experience; we believe that scheduling both classroom sessions and staff shadowing are critical to the project’s success. Our overarching goal is for the agency to understand how the new technology is beneficial to them and their daily work operations. Making sure every staff member feels seen, heard, and supported during the transition is our priority as we believe that if employees feel better about what they can expect, they’ll be more receptive.

4. How Can I Be Confident That All Shifts Fully Understand What They Learned?

The Go-Live is purposefully scheduled within hours of the last training session to ensure there’s minimal pause between training and Go-Live, and there’s little to no loss of information sharing. In fact, many staff members prefer to apply their newfound knowledge within hours of receiving it and appreciate having the trainers on-site to shadow the Go-Live efforts. The Academy team takes full advantage of their time on-site and shadows all shifts during the Go-Live process, day or night, to ensure all staff members understand what they learned. Having the trainers shadow operations gives them a real-time opportunity to identify areas of success, improvement, and further optimize the staff’s use of the new technology. GUARDIAN RFID prides itself on having a flexible team to answer questions, provide recommendations, and help make the overall transition process as smooth and successful as possible.

5. Some of My Staff Is Uneasy About Change, What Can I Do to Help?

We hope that your team looks forward to using a new and exciting tool in the facility, although we understand that there are some staff who may not be as excited. Implementing a new software system in your daily operations is a big switch up and can be nerve-racking for some team members to process. Unfortunately, resistance to change is one of the most common barriers to success. Our JailOps team takes this reality into account when working with the staff. We believe that how the technology is introduced to your team sets the tone for how well it's internally adopted. Clearly communicating any goals, expectations, and timelines is our first initiative. We also share resources ahead of the Go-Live to help staff get exposed to the system prior to the implementation and create a quicker, easier flow during the transition. To get acquainted with the system before implementation, we recommend looking through the variety of videos on YouTube as well as the Officer Quickstart Guide that you will be given access to. This helps staff get familiarized with the system in advance and prepare any questions for the Academy team when they arrive on-site. Throughout the years, we’ve noticed that when staff are aware of the course of the ship, they tend to get on board quicker.

6. Do You Install Wi-Fi? 

GUARDIAN RFID does not install Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi networks and their associated components must be installed by the agency, county IT, or an agency-provided vendor. Our system works best when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Our SPARTANs also have the capability to connect to the network via an ethernet-enabled charging cradle in the event the Wi-Fi connection is not available. The most secure and effective configuration is the use of a DHCP Scope in the environment. We will provide MAC addresses for devices, as well as a whitelist document.

7. How Long Should We Keep Logging Things With Our Old System After We Go-Live?

We understand it’s difficult to let go of the system your agency has grown accustomed to over time. However, the sooner your team stops logging with your previous system and starts using the GUARDIAN RFID system, the better. As soon as you trust the data flow, we recommend utilizing the new technology for all data capabilities. Whether you need a week to build trust in the system or you’re ready to switch all logs within a couple of hours of GoLive, the JailOps team is there to make the process simple and comfortable.

8. What Happens After Go-Live?

Upon Go-Live, a JailOps Account Manager is assigned to your account. Your Account Manager will conduct periodic follow-ups with your facility leader. The Account Manager will also be your go-to contact for coordinating any additional equipment, supplies, or training needs you may have. Should you determine a need for modifications to your initial facility setup, our world-class support team is ready to assist you.

At the end of the day, GUARDIAN RFID’s mission is to get your team home safe. To truly care about correctional officers' lives, we need to care about the operations taking place within their walls. That’s why our technology was built with every man and woman who is protecting America’s Thin Gray Line in mind. We hope the answers to these implementation and Go-Live FAQs help alleviate any anxiety or concern you may have before your Go-Live date. Regardless, we will be with you every step of the way during your transition to maximize transparency, accountability, and safety. GUARDIAN RFID is always here to continuously provide the technology that supports the care, custody, and control of your team and ensures you have all the tools needed to be successful.