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The Era of Command Cloud: The World’s First Officer Experience Platform

Command Cloud marks the start of a new era for GUARDIAN RFID through the creation of the world’s first officer experience platform, delivering a common operating picture for every corrections warrior.
Ken Dalley, Jr.
Ken Dalley, Jr.

GUARDIAN RFID marks an exciting achievement with the launch of Command Cloud, the world’s first officer experience platform (OXP) that uses data fusion and artificial intelligence to create a common operating picture (COP), maximizing the safety and security of America’s Thin Gray Line.

Being a driving force for technology innovation over the past 17 years, GUARDIAN RFID began with a simple vision of using mobile devices and RFID tags to revolutionize the way correctional officers collected and shared data vital to their compliance and defensibility. In 2007, we began delivering these capabilities Software as a Service (the same year Netflix started its streaming platform). 

There’s no question that over the last several years, the need for digital transformation has never been greater when you consider three factors:   

  1. Correctional officers have the highest rate of non-fatal, work-related injuries of any U.S. profession by an order of magnitude

  2. Challenges to officer retention and recruitment have never been higher and will remain a permanent industry headwind that can only begin to be remedied with better pay, better training, and better technology

  3. Incidents of violence against officers have grown dramatically over the last two years

We gain a holistic understanding of the true cost of why it’s imperative to modernize the correctional officer. We believe officer experience platforms fill a missing gap in the law enforcement/public safety space.

Too often, those who are responsible for enforcing the law, and those who are in their custody, lack the insight and awareness needed to perform to the best of their ability. Frequently, they have too little data to make an informed decision or have too much white noise data. More often than not, a fusion of data from a variety of sources and systems is what is most beneficial, but also, most complex to operationalize.

Command Cloud takes a big step towards creating a common operating picture (COP) that combines data from traditionally disparate systems to achieve tactical and strategic situational awareness. Integrating Command Cloud applications with a broader range of third-party applications and services while applying artificial intelligence to these large, separate datasets is the real magic. 

Correctional officers remain overly dependent on manual systems and antiquated enterprise software systems that serve, at best, as information warehouses. This includes most jail management and offender management systems. Too frequently, they fail to foster collaboration or provide the visibility and contextual awareness needed to fully execute mission-essential objectives with efficiency. As a result, many facilities that have poorly organized data or siloed applications holding data with marginal relevance or value find it challenging to:

  • Prioritize tasks

  • Identify and measure areas of under-performance 

  • Address ambiguous operational problems 

  • Apply moment-to-moment decision making

What can an officer experience platform do for my team? 

At its core, an officer experience platform creates a common operating picture to deliver real-time situational awareness and stronger performance across four vectors: awareness, collaboration, insight, and discoverability.


Observing what’s happening in real-time, whether it’s the current behaviors of an inmate, the present performance of your team or yourself, the location of certain inmates, the status of our cell checks on high-risk inmates, or inmates that have yet to be offered their “out for hour” that day.


Working as a team on a shared objective, project, or mission. This can include everything from coordinating and assigning ADA compliance tasks to specific shifts or specialists, or communicating the care and custody requirements around inmates placed in segregation.


Understanding what’s happening (or what has happened) based on historical patterns and decisions, whether good or bad. For example, our team has a highly predictable pattern of starting our 30-minute checks every 26 minutes over the past 90 days. Or, our housing units have an average headcount clear rate of 17 minutes, but Alpha unit has an average clear rate of 46 minutes over the same time period.


Seeking information effortlessly, based on search parameters. For example, I may search for an inmate by last name while searching for the phrase “fighting,” and see logs, reports, videos, and images that meet my search criteria, but also see related search results that include instances of the phrase “yelling” and “arguing” at the same time for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding.

Innovation can inspire a new generation of correctional officer 

Technology can play a powerful force in recruiting young professionals looking to start and build a career in law enforcement. Command Cloud fills a void in corrections technology where there's either too little data to make informed decisions, or too much white noise data that's of marginal relevance. Command Cloud brings empowerment to a new generation of correctional officers, modernizing your technology stack in ways highly familiar to those raised in a high-tech era.

As an officer experience platform, the Command Cloud reflects the best of what Warriors have long-loved about GUARDIAN RFID: powerful, all-new capabilities, applications, and services that integrate with a growing ecosystem of partners. These applications include:

  • Mobile Command XR™ is the ninth generation of the most widely used mobile inmate tracking platform in the U.S., completely rebuilt from the ground up and supporting AI-powered security round compliance and inmate tracking, task management, and a host of new and enhanced capabilities, including inmate release verification powered by face recognition.

  • Mission Command™ cuts right to the heart of what correctional officers need to know and need to do, supporting powerful search capabilities, video dashboards, user management, and more, powered by our cloud partner, AWS.

  • Operational Intelligence™ delivers real-time diagnostic analytics across every functional area of management.

  • VisionOps® is a computer vision system using face recognition and object detection to automate a wide range of inmate tracking and inmate management objectives. 

Command Cloud brings all the critical information right to officers and creates a communications framework to empower teams to improve safety and security. At a time when correctional facilities are experiencing a tough recruiting market, labor shortages, have less time to properly onboard and train new employees, or are still using disparate, legacy systems and manual tracking, Command Cloud uses modern AI and computer vision to your officers heightened, real-time situational awareness.