How Do I Download Data From GUARDIAN RFID?

We were recently asked, “How do I download our data?” This question has great merit, but first, we needed to clarify the question. Are they asking, “How do I sync data from my mobile device?” “How do I run reports?” or, “How do I download this data to my computer?”

To start, lets review the basic foundation of the GUARDIAN RFID platform.

GUARDIAN RFID System Architecture (Non-Geeky)

GUARDIAN RFID has three core parts: your mobile device (SPARTAN), your instance of the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud, and your RFID tags (Hard Tags and/or inmate identification).

  1. Mobile
  2. Your SPARTAN runs an app called Mobile Command. Mobile Command scans RFID tags to collect data. This data could include your security checks, cell checks or face-to-face observations on high-risk inmates, razor passes, court transports, meals, med passes, etc.

  3. Syncing to the Cloud
  4. For some, you’re probably thinking, “But we don’t have Wi-Fi. Can you sync with a docking cradle?” You can. The SPARTAN docking cradle has an Ethernet port. Regardless, we highly recommend Wi-Fi being strategically placed throughout your facility. This blog, Do I need to use W-Fi with GUARDIAN RFID, has practical tips on setting up your network.

    In most cases, your SPARTAN is connected to your Wi-Fi network, which allows data (your logged activities) collected by Mobile Command to synchronize or “sync” to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud for reporting purposes. The sync process is doing two things very, very quickly. In seconds, it’ll upload data you’ve captured (e.g. cell checks, headcounts, supplies), as well as new information from other SPARTANs (e.g. out of cell movements, no contacts, hazardous supplies) and your jail management system (e.g. new bookings, releases, etc.).

  1. Reporting
  2. You can login to the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud and see historical or real-time data through your Activity Feed, Dashboard, and Reports. There are exporting tools providing you with the ability to download your Cloud-based data at any time.

How to Download: Syncing your Mobile Device

  1. Syncing via Wi-Fi: If you’re using Wi-Fi, syncing your mobile device is automatic and literally as easy as breathing. Just like you don’t need reminders on when or how to breathe, your mobile device syncs all on its own. It’ll push data you’ve collected in Mobile Command immediately upon capture.

    And if you’re outside Wi-Fi coverage, data remains in Mobile Command until your SPARTAN reconnects to Wi-Fi automatically.

  2. Syncing via Docking Cradle: Be sure to create and communicate a syncing policy for your team if you aren’t using Wi-Fi. Never go long periods of time before syncing your device. Why? All the work that the team’s done, all of the rounds they’ve logged, the movements they’ve captured, are on a particular device. No one can see this work until it’s placed in a docking cradle. Sync frequently — say at least once an hour, but not to exceed two hours. It’s a highly old school approach, but if you don’t have Wi-Fi, it’s an option that beats paper logging any day.

How to Download: Accessing Reports

Generally, supervisors and command staff have access to most or all reports, but this can be limited by granting access to certain users. You can customize user privileges easily in the GUARDIAN RFID Cloud by going to Administrator > Manage Users.

You can export reports into PDF, for example, and circulate via email. You can print them if you’d like. There’s no need to save PDF reports onto your network or computer. You can if you want, but GUARDIAN RFID holds your data indefinitely or based on your legal retention requirements.

How to Download: Exporting to your Computer

Administrators have access to a tool called the Easy Exporter. It’s located within reports. If you want to download your data in bulk to your computer or network, you can do so at any time. Choose the file format you want. Click download.

Some agencies may use third-party reporting tools like Crystal Reports, who may find value in exporting data to your local network. However, if you’re doing this for data redundancy, it’s not necessary. Data in our Cloud is automatically replicated in two physical locations geographically separated. So unless two or more asteroids are trained on the U.S., you don’t have much to worry about.

Downloading your data from GUARDIAN RFID is fast, easy, and can give you real-time performance information about your team in seconds. Syncing, accessing reports, and actually downloading your data can be done with a single tap or click.

Do We Ever Need to Print Reports?

The choice to print hard copies of any report is available but is entirely up to you.

Certainly, there are times in which a hardcopy printout may be necessary, frequently in legal situations when there may be a request by counsel, or another third party with a legitimate legal request. You may find that circulating a hardcopy of certain reports internally could be helpful.

But fundamentally, you’ll find that printing reports is far more the exception than the rule. Since your data is stored in our Cloud either indefinitely or based on your legal retention requirements, there’s never any need to print reports for physical safekeeping. (That’s why you chose GUARDIAN RFID in the first place.)

Some seasoned nurses and medical providers who aren’t using electronic health records or electronic medical records systems (EHR/EMR) may feel that printing reports and adding them to an inmate’s physical chart is a workflow that they’ll want to follow for the first 30 days. If you want to exercise this kind of practice, go for it. We believe you’ll soon become confident that the Cloud will allow you to access and discover the information you’re looking for without needing a physical printed copy.

Last but Not Least: Who Owns Our Data?

This is an important question, and the answer is simple. You own all of your data. Forever and always. It’s our responsibility to make sure your data, and your access to it, is secure and accessible 24x7. It’s also GUARDIAN RFID’s responsibility to make sure your data is made available to you in any file format you choose should you not be able to continue using any of our services, whether for budgetary reasons, or you choose to go a different direction.

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