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RFID Inmate Identification for Jails, Prisons, and Juvenile Detention.

Visually and electronically authenticate inmate identities with durable RFID armbands or RFID ID Cards.  Automatically capture a wide range of data about every inmate – at the point of contact.

Detention facilities need affordable, easy to use, and highly proven inmate identification solutions.  GUARDIAN RFID delivers time-tested RFID inmate identification solutions used by detention facilities large and small.  In fact, GUARDIAN RFID powers virtually every RFID armband in corrections.  And there’s good reason.  GUARDIAN RFID is the easiest, most capable – and most proven – correctional RFID technology platform in the world.


RFID is fast, affordable, and durable.  In fact, it performs 20x faster than barcode and is easier to use.  And with the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System – the leader in RFID Inmate Management Systems + Solutions, correctional RFID technology has never delivered more value and help detention staff automate the tasks that matter.

If your facility has been using armbands or ID cards for visual identification purposes only, GUARDIAN RFID presents a real opportunity to achieve the level of automation, communication, and operational visibility you’ve always wanted.

RFID Armbands

RFID Armbands significantly enhance security and point-of-contact identification and activity logging.

Economical and easy to use, RFID Armbands are durable and have several key advantages:

Arrow-2 They’re difficult to remove.

Arrow-2 They can’t be easily forgotten, lost, or illegally swapped with other inmates.

Arrow-2  They’re less expensive than ID cards.

GUARDIAN RFID recommends Clincher RFID wristbands.  GUARDIAN RFID is the distributor of the Clincher RFID wristband, which is the most commonly used wristband in corrections.

Clincher has been in continuous use by some of the world’s largest jail systems, such as the Los Angeles Co. Jail, Maricopa Co. Jail, and Gwinnett Co. Jail.   It’s also used by among the smallest rural county jails in the country, including the Worth Co. Jail in Northwood, Iowa with an average daily population of four inmates, who has been using GUARDIAN RFID since 2007.

Clincher RFID wristbands are durable, water-resistant, and easy to use.  Plus, they’re available in eight different colors.

Other Armbands

Some facilities may use other armbands.   GUARDIAN RFID has solutions that are compatible with the armbands you’re presently using.  Contact Us to learn more.


RFID ID Cards are supported by GUARDIAN RFID, including standard plastic ID cards and low-cost laminated ID pouches.  RFID ID Cards have several advantages:

Arrow-2  Typically longer life than armbands

Arrow-2  Less prone to needing replacement

Arrow-2  Supports larger mugshots to see identifying information from greater distances

GUARDIAN RFID vs. Barcodes

GUARDIAN RFID has a number of advantages over barcodes: ease of use, read speed (20x faster than manual or barcode scanning), and durability.  Barcode has a number of disadvantages:

1.)  Barcodes can fade and become easily unreadable in a short period of time – especially in corrections.

2.)  Barcodes can be more difficult to scan because they rely on clear line of sight; a barcode can also be convex – where the lines on the barcode partially wrap around the inmate’s wrist, making it difficult and time consuming to auto ID the offender.

3.)  Barcodes can be easily duplicated – potentially undermining data integrity.

Solution Capabilities

Physical Features

  • Print name, booking number, date of birth, mugshot, and other data onto armband insert or ID card
  • GUARDIAN RFID waterproof armband labels (individually perforated) prevent ink smudging and easy separation
  • Full-color, high-yield armband label printing
  • Metal and plastic fasteners supported

Electronic Features

  • Internal security prevents inmates from being able to be associated with more than one active RFID armband or ID card
  • Wide range of inmate activity logging, inmate movements, and medication passes integrate support for RFID Armand or ID Card

Go Further with GUARDIAN RFID

Learn how the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System can strengthen your inmate identification needs.  Schedule a live WebEx online demonstration, or Contact Us to learn more.

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CORRECTIONAL RFID: Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can help corrections professionals work faster, smarter, and more defensibly. When combined with deep correctional expertise and best practices, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities can achieve whole new levels of automation with real-time inmate management, inmate monitoring, and inmate tracking capabilities. That’s why GUARDIAN RFID is the definitive leader in correctional RFID + mobile + cloud technologies; the only system exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association.

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