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Automate Inmate Activity Logging for Defensibility, Records Management, and Compliance – at the Point of Contact.

Corrections professionals handle many responsibilities when it comes to day-to-day inmate management.  From monitoring inmate welfare to meal passes, headcounts, supply passes, and much more, each interaction can is an opportunity to maximize your documentation needs for defensibility and communication purposes.

Because as you know better than anyone: inmates will complain.  They’ll accuse you of not providing them meals, or their meds, rec time, or access to the law library.

Most detention facilities still heavily use manual or paper-based logs.  Even those with multiple electronic systems – manual paper logs are still commonly kept – whether you refer to them as Master Log Books, Post Logs, Office Logs, or other types of paper forms that may be used to manage inmate and facility data.

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System delivers the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable set of tools to automate a wide range of data collection and reporting requirements – at the point of contact – with real-time information sharing support.


Reduce Inmate Complaints & Accusations

Inmates frequently complain and accuse detention staff of not being offered a number of services: recreation, meals, medications, law library access, clean sheets.  With GUARDIAN RFID, your staff can quickly log inmate interactions, observations, services provided, and movement activities – all at the point of contact –verified by GUARDIAN RFID. And with customizable WordBlocks™, there’s never any manual entry.

Capture What’s Important with WordBlocks.

Create and manage an unlimited number of electronic incident codes called WordBlocks™ that represent Out of Cell locations, standard issue supply items (such as razors, clippers, cleaning supplies, commissary, etc.), observations and interactions during Cell Checks, and more.

Mobile Alerts Increase Officer Safety & Security

Trigger “Dangerous Items” and “Out of Cell” alerts whenever a supply is passed to an inmate that must be returned to staff or an inmate is temporarily moved Out of Cell.  Additionally, you can integrate Keep Separate and Inmate Restriction alerts from your jail management system.

Better Manage and Track Inmate Programs

For many detention facilities, managing the inmates’ participation and attendance in a wide range of programs is difficult and time consuming.  With GUARDIAN RFID, you can create an unlimited number of fully customizable Programs (i.e. AA, Church, GED, Life Skills, etc.) and swiftly log inmate participation, knowing which program they attended and when they arrived and when they left.


Get the Information You Need. Fast.

Generate detailed, Web-based reports (Event Logs, Inmate Logs, Out of Cell Logs, Supply Logs, Recreation Logs, Meals Logs, and more).  Filter reports by date, time, location, inmate name, booking number, housing unit, and more.

Dump Paper Logs. Forever.

Permanently eliminate paper-based logs and manual systems to increase operational efficiency, significantly reduce your physical storage demands, gain real-time insight, and get the information you need instantly.

Connect from Anywhere.

With GUARDIAN RFID OnDemand, you can securely connect to your system from anywhere, on any device, at anytime with our Cloud-based platform.  Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android-based device to monitor real-time Performance Dashboards, Event Logs, or our Web-based reports powered by Microsoft SQL Server reporting services.

Go Further with GUARDIAN RFID

Learn how the GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System can streamline your inmate activity logging and correctional workflows.  Schedule a live WebEx online demonstration, or Contact Us to learn more.

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CORRECTIONAL RFID: Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can help corrections professionals work faster, smarter, and more defensibly. When combined with deep correctional expertise and best practices, jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities can achieve whole new levels of automation with real-time inmate management, inmate monitoring, and inmate tracking capabilities. That’s why GUARDIAN RFID is the definitive leader in correctional RFID + mobile + cloud technologies; the only system exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs’ Association.

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