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Point of Contact Productivity that’s Totally Contactless.

Maximize your defensibility, accountability, and compliance with GUARDIAN RFID® Tags, the most durable, configurable wireless sensors in corrections to identify inmates, locations, assets, and more.

GUARDIAN RFID Tags are affordable and totally indestructible wireless tags.   They support the most advanced data collection capabilities in corrections.  They’re also non-hardwired, making it easy to install in any facility — new or existing.

Together with GUARDIAN RFID Mobile, you can automate a wide range of correctional workflows and tasks with real-time inmate identification.  GUARDIAN RFID Tags can help capture headcountsinmate movements and transport activities, cell checks and security checks, and much more.

How tough are GUARDIAN RFID Tags?

GUARDIAN RFID Tags are so tough they’ve been intentionally shot and stopped both bullets.  A detention deputy with the Buffalo Co. Sheriff’s Office (Kearney, Neb.) shot a GUARDIAN RFID Tag twice with a 9mm pistol at a range of 20 yards.  Now that’s tough.

Some inmates are curious.  Some are destructive.  GUARDIAN RFID Tags are one of a kind.  They’re built to withstand the most hostile jail and prison environments.

GUARDIAN RFID Tags are also backed by a lifetime guarantee against malfunction and intentional abuse.

GUARDIAN RFID Tag shot point blank by sheriff's deputy.

They’re as Flexible as They’re Durable.

GUARDIAN RFID Tags are as flexible in their uses as they are durable.  Here’s some of the many ways they can be used:

Common Applications

– Logging cell checks and security checks on inmates (welfare monitoring on juveniles).  Each cell check is automatically linked with the names, booking numbers, and housing assignments of those monitored.

– Automating headcounts, group dayroom observations, and other small or large group activity logging.

– Capturing preventative maintenance tasks, daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly checklists, cell condition reports, fire safety equipment checks, and more via Facilities Manager.

– Tagging transport vehicles to identify all inmates on board for headcounts and transport activities.

Works with Compliance Monitor.

GUARDIAN RFID Tags also update GUARDIAN RFID® Compliance Monitor™  to verify security round patrols (guard tour) on high-risk inmates and juveniles.  It’s also common to “tag” general population housing units, and other secure locations within your jail, prison, or juvenile  facility.

As you scan your GUARDIAN RFID Tags, GUARDIAN RFID Mobile automatically syncs your data and updates your Compliance Monitor in real-time.  You can spot check your Daily Event Log, Dashboard, or reports instantly for quality control and to review staff compliance and accountability.

Screenshot of GUARDIAN RFID Compliance Monitor

Use GUARDIAN RFID Tags to Automate Tasks that Matter Most to You.

Your GUARDIAN RFID Tags can be mounted in any number of locations.  They can also be setup to automate tasks important to your records management needs.  This includes tagging cells (for inmates in jails and prisons), youth rooms (juvenile), housing units, out of cell areas (recreation, visitation, etc.) shower/bathroom areas, dormitories, holding cells, deter cells, court holding cells, restraint chairs, direct supervision desks/workstations, sallyport, fire extinguisher cabinets, perimeter fencing, exit points, and more.

GUARDIAN RFID vs. Guard Tour Checkpoints

GUARDIAN RFID Tags deliver the most powerful, point-of-contact data collection capabilities in corrections.  GUARDIAN RFID Tags are more capable, more durable, and more flexible than iButtons, generic RFID tags, and barcode labels.

Plus, GUARDIAN RFID automatically links every inmate by name and booking number with every log entry and fixed tag.  With GUARDIAN RFID, you can capture more detailed inmate records for communication and reporting. Guard tour systems only capture officer presence.

Go Further with GUARDIAN RFID.

Learn how GUARDIAN RFID Tags can maximize your productivity, defensibility, and compliance.  Schedule a live WebEx online demonstration, or Contact Us to learn more.

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