Texas Jail Association 2018

32nd Annual TJA Conference

Join GUARDIAN RFID at TJA's 32nd Conference and learn how to command, control, and maximize compliance with Texas Jail Standards and the Sandra Bland Act.

Event: AJA's 37th Annual Conference & Jail Expo

Date: May 15-16, 2018

Location: Renaissance Hotel (Austin, Texas)

Details: GUARDIAN RFID will be demonstrating how we empower jails to manage, monitor, and track inmates 80% more efficiently than manual systems. We will be unveiling new platform features to combat risk, increase compliance, and maximize defensibility more effectively. Download the TJA 2018 GUARDIAN RFID® Ultimate Content Guide.

There are also some fun prizes up for grabs at the show! Stop by the GUARDIAN RFID booth for the chance to instantly win branded gear.

New Features for our Warriors

Be among the first to see tons of new features and products from GUARDIAN RFID, including new devices and software. Download the TJA 2018 GUARDIAN RFID® Ultimate Content Guide to learn more about the new features we'll be showcasing at TJA.

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